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24 September 2016 @ 08:33 am
First full fitness post in quite a bit...
Checked my weight this morning. A still-heavy 58.8kg (128.8 pounds). To a lot of people, that may not seem all that bad, but it's not a number I enjoy. I had gotten down to every doctor's recommendation of 55kg (120lbs) and was feeling rather healthy there though my ultimate goal was 52kg (114lbs). So, I'm a tad upset at finding myself having to start over.-- not really at myself because I know the circumstances were out of my control (knee fractures, swelling, infections ect.) but still upset.

My goal this time around is to establish a solid routine; Build new habits. I want to get in to the habit of working out every day, even if it's only half an hour. I created a chart to track exercise I do at home for days when I can't hit the gym, which has been good at keeping me on track so far! I've also started taking proper care to hydrate after working out, taking showers immediately after working out, using special heated lotions for my muscles and collagen masks ^^. Establishing a new routine has also helped me improve in other areas as well. Little by little, my place is becoming cleaner and cleaner, and I have more time for reading.....

Speaking of reading! As motivation to keep fit this time around, I started reading a funny manga about how to eat without gaining weight. I guess because it's manga, it's dumbed down so much that the advice and explanations make so much sense, it makes me feel almost dumb for not having realized it earlier. I really like that it doesn't say "dont eat this, don't eat that..." But tells you how to eat what you want and when. Even if the advice were to be a bit rubbish, the main character is so psychotic, she makes me laugh.

So here we go.
New first goal. 57.5kg.

Time to start cleaning out the closet. I turn 28 next month and I still have clothing from when I was 22 sitting around! Which I sometimes embarrasingly still wear ><

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17 September 2016 @ 08:59 pm
A big thank you to everyone for their concerns this past week. I ended up going to the hospital on Thursday night after I apparently finally passed out from a fever. I don't remember too much aside from one minute I was with my friend, the next I was with my friend in the hospital. They put me on three IVs and talked to my friend about some things I'm still not sure about. Went home against their wishes because I knew I had work the next morning. I contacted work the next morning and let them know what happened. Just as I was arriving to my actual work place, they contacted me and told me to stay home because they couldn't risk me passing out during work or on the way home from work.  Since I was close anyway, I physically walked in and had them tell me to my face to go home. They had already given my assigned tasks for the day to someone else, so I told them I would organize everything as best as I could for that person and go home.  They talked about me in Japanese as though I wasn't even in listening range, but I'm not entirely irritated. They openly admitted that I just worked way too hard. They didn't admit it to my face or anything, but the words were said and heard💛.

I felt extremely nauseous on the train from Kawagoe back to Omiya so I spent some time at the nurses area once I got to Omiya, then came home and slept the entire day. I still have a bit of a fever and my throat is still sore, but I no longer feel like the world is spinning around me, the constant soap taste is gone from my mouth and no longer struggle for breath after a few words. So, accompanied by a friend because it seems I can't be trusted on my own just yet, I decided to try and run some errands.

I bought two new little plants, repotted my tomatoes and/or eggplants (The seeds got mixed up so now we don't know what exactly is growing...) and spent some time trying to figure out what to do with my succulents, which have gotten much bigger than I assumed they would and seem to be light deprived? Though they sit by the window all day? Most sites say to clip them and let them regrow but that makes me so sad.... I really want to fix them before I buy more to put in the pot....


Part of having a major throat infection means little eating. I dropped 2kg,and decided to try and keep something down today. I ended up having a few sweets with some green tea. I'd be lying if I said eating had been painless. But at least I was able to taste them and keep them down! Tomorrow, I will attempt to go to the gym for the first time in a week. If that goes well, I'm going to try and eat out with a friend at a nearby sea-food place. I should be able to keep some fish down. Fish is light and easy, yeah?
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10 September 2016 @ 08:56 pm
They say that girls are really dramatic but I feel like guys or maybe it's just my guys? are so much more dramatic.
My friend Sakka-kun invited me to go with him on a two hour drive to a beach. Assuming it was an invitation made out of simple kindness, I accepted. And I'm glad I did, because it was quite a gorgeous sight!

(城崎海 in 千葉)

However, it seems that part of the deal was that I would have to actually spend time with him, which evolved in to his acting like a 4 year old instead of the 30 year old he is. To summarize, it went like this:

[Him] Let's go get in the water now.
[Me] You go ahead. I'll catch up.
[Him] I want to go together and hang out.
[Me] We just "hung out" for two hours in the car to get here. The weather is gorgeous. I haven't been to the beach in forever, and I haven't had a book in English to read in forever. Let me enjoy another two chapters and I will be right out there with you.
[Him] Sigh.
[Me] Go on ahead. This won't take me more than maybe 20 minutes or so. It's an easy read.
[Him] I'm tired. I'm gonna take a nap.
[Me] Seriously?!  You just said you wanted to get in and now you're tired. Are you just being a brat?
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So I let him nap. The beach was quiet, so he slept for quite a bit, which gave me time to finish my book. When he woke up, we took to the water and he tried to teach me how to skip rocks. He was an excellent teacher but I've never been a good student. Maybe next time. After the beach, we drove to a small Onsen for a dip and a better shower than we could have gotten at the beach, then watched a bit of a festival before heading home.
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04 September 2016 @ 01:22 pm
I spent my Saturday running around with Aki. Every time we meet up, I always find myself feeling like if I had had an older brother, it would have very much been someone like him. It's a shame we can only catch up every two months or so but I also feel like that makes it so much more interesting because there is so much to say. I also really appreciate him because while a lot of my friends have suddenly begun seeing me as an actual woman and as a result, treat me somewhat different, Aki remains the same. He never hesitates to walk up and smack me on the arm to announce his arrival.

We met up in Tsukiji to go to the fish market and eat. It will more than likely be my first and last time going to that place, as it's a bit far for me and next year, the market will actually move to a new place. We had delicious fish bowls and miso soup.


After eating, we walked to Ginza and walked around for a bit before going to some European 100 yen shop to escape the heat. Aki found a kite and decided we should try to fly it at the park. So, twenty minutes or so later, we were sitting at a park, talking about this and that over some chill beers, and listening to music. I told Aki about a song that always made me cry and he played it. When I cried he told me "Stop crying. People are gonna think I'm breaking up with you or something!" Oh, the love. I feel it.

Then it was time to fly our kite. As we walked around looking for a decent spot, people around us started running. First one, then three, then four or five...  I stopped and looked around, thinking something was happening, as people continued to dash. Aki stopped as well then simply said "It's probably Pokemon Go and there is a rare pokemon near here. I'll check" And so he whipped out his phone and confirmed there indeed was a rare pokemon. We walked in the direction everyone had been running so that Aki could catch it as well, and what I saw there really scared me.

Everyone was glued to their phones. Masses of people alone, and in groups were standing around, heads bent over, eyes locked to their screens. It was so quiet, save for the sound of kids at some other part of the park, and insects. As we cut through the crowd to keep looking for a spot to fly our kite, I kept looking around, creeped out. It felt like something out of a sci-fi film. I openly told Aki I was creeped out and told him it was like all these people weren't even alive. And as I continued to openly talk about my disappointment in the situation, no one even flinched. Everyone was too busy on their phones. Time had stopped.
I've never seen so many people be so anti-social in my life.

Anyway, we found a nice spot and decided to fly our kite even though it had begun to drizzle lightly. I made Aki run around with it for a bit to break it in before having my turn. It was a lot more fun than I had expected and I can't remember the last time I had been so childish and laughed so much. Sometimes we just have to rewind a bit.  When we finished, I had expressed to Aki how sad I was at not having taken a picture of our kite, and he surprised me with one he had taken when I wasn't paying attention. He titles it "Zia, a rainbow and the kite." How original.
Lately, all my friends seem to take my picture when I'm not looking though. I wonder why..!

23 August 2016 @ 11:12 pm
As the subject says.. First time using a wide layout, so please let me know it you can see it clearly.