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I quit my gym and feel really sad about it...but it had to be done. When I first joined the gym, it was because I could go right after work and use the treadmill for an hour, getting in a decent workout. But now that my work schedule has changed, I can only make it during "peak hours," in which I can only use the treadmill for 30 minutes. This led to me going to the gym on Wednesdays only, for Zumba, then running or walking for an hour outside the rest of the week. I can't justify spending 7,000 yen ($70) a month for four one-hour class a month. On a small scale, that isn't much... until you realize that that means 84,000 yen a year ($840) -- a little more than half a plane ticket home (By the way, a plane ticket home is roughly $1,200, 120,000 yen.)

Healthwise, I'm....so so. I'm STILL struggling with my eyes. While the itching has for the most part disappeared, my eyes tend to redden randomly and feel heavy. I'm off the medicine for conjunctivitis, but have drops for reddening. I don't want to over-use them, as I don't want to suffer rebounding, so If I'm at home, I won't use the drops at all to control reddening. I'll let my eyes do what they do. But if I go outside...
I've also been extremely tired and sleepy as of late. For a week or so, I worried about whether or not I could be pregnant, and brought up the concern with my Doctor when I went to go pick up my new BC. Luckily, I'm not pregnant. However, my exhaustion IS related to my birthcontrol. With my steady weightloss, the hormonal dose of the pills have a stronger influence on my body. He told me I could lower the dosage, but that my periods might go back to being longer, though still lighter as a result. No thank you. I'm quite in love with these 2-3 day panty-liner amount periods. Just gotta get used to it.

Owada Park Fireworks show

We went to the fireworks show on yesterday. I have today off to recover and take it easy after a late night, but poor Ryu had to go to work. He ended up staying over after the show, and then leaving to work from here. Since I usually go to work much earlier than him, it's rare that he stays over on a weekday, but it was nice to give it a try for once. I got up at my usual time to make breakfast while he slept, then cleaned up around the flat while he shaved and got ready for work. It gave me more of an idea of how things might work if I agreed to live together, and I kind of liked it, so I asked him if he had been serious about living together when he brought it up.

He told me he had been serious about living together, when I decide to move from my current flat. It wasn't that he wanted me to uproot my life now for us to live together, but that when I finally decide to make my next step, he wanted to make that step together. So now I feel far less pressure.

The fireworks show was really fun, but there were sooooo many people! Just trying to get to the food stalls, we ended up standing in the exact same spot for a good 10 minutes. We each bought a チョコバナナ then settled down at the side to watch the hour-long firework display. I apologize for not wearing make up in any of my pictures -- as I mentioned earlier, I'm still struggling with eye issues and I don't want any infections getting stuck to my make up. I can't afford to keep buying new sets every weekend (lol)

On our way to the park, we stopped by the コンビニ for a short drink break, as the walk from my flat to the park was a 40 minute walk. While he smoked and I sip on my 抹茶ラテ, he suddenly nudges me and says "It's amazing how well that yukata suits you." I thanked him for the compliment and said nothing else, as I didn't want it to come out in conversation that Kenshi had bought it for me. During the trip back home, we stopped by the same コンビニ and bought another round of drinks. We drank and walked, and he says, "You know. Usually I get tipsy really fast and want nothing more than to just go at it with you. But this time...I just want to look at you. Dressed like that. " And it was the first time we kissed outside in front of many people, without any regard as to whether or not we were being watched.

It was the same this morning. I walked him to his car when it was time for him to go to work. I thanked him for staying out late despite having to work and told him I'd had a blast. "It's no big deal. I wanted to go to it too. But hey, if you're going to thank me, don't use your words..." and he puckers up. I look to my left, and look to my right. Kids playing, people taking out trash, elderly taking walks. I lean forward slightly and hesitate a moment, but he closes the gap. "See you Saturday," He says after the kiss, and I wave him off.


While walking around the shopping center near my place, a woman gave Ryu and me samples of a deliciously chilled 抹茶ラテ, that even Ryu enjoyed, despite not liking the taste of 抹茶. I told the woman that it would be a wonderful desert drink during the hot summer, and so I wanted to buy a bag of the mix. She looked at me oddly and carefully pointed out that actually, the drink was for dieting purposes. I looked up to see what shop we were standing in front of, and indeed, we were infront of a health and fitness shop filled with all kinds of vitamins and dieting and nutrition products. "Heeeeeh! But it's soooo good!" I told her, to which she laughed. I bought a bag anyway, so I guess I am on a drink diet starting tomorrow. Maybe I'll finally lose those last 4kg...
05 January 2017 @ 06:46 am
Just in case it went missed (Since people seem to be freaking out now more than ever), you can reach my DW by clicking on the image to the left. Livejournal will still be my platform until it completely disappears from the net, but for those who decide to stop using LJ beforehand, the content on my DW will be exactly the same. I look forward to keeping touch with everyone here, there, or even on both.

So why am I an idiot? Because I accidentally made this entry private so that only I could see it, then paniced when no one had come forward to either add me or give me their DW account. I was sad that no one wanted to keep in touch. Why didn't anyone keep in touch??

Because you couldn't see this entry XD My bad. 
Great New Years date. I will keep long stories short, but if Masahiro wants any more of my attention, he's definitely got it♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘) . We were raised in similar environments, so we have a lot of the same interests and morals. And he's the first person in a while to fully grasp that while I am foreign, my brain doesn't function in English all the time, and that I wasn't raised in typical American culture. When he looks up words I don't know, he does it in Spanish and he doesn't ask about America, but Puerto Rico. He appeals to a side of me a lot of people (and even Kenshi was guilty of this) seem to forget about, or simply ignore.

no rushing. I still want to get to know Sakka-kun, and Yuuki better as well.
When it comes to love, I've always acted in the heat of the moment and just gone on gut feeling. I might try a different approach this time.

Tokyo Tower. Even thinking about it now, I laugh. We went to Tokyo Tower for the count down. Last year,they turned off the tower, and then at midnight turned it on, returning it to it's bright glory. 10 seconds to midnight. Everyone starts counting down. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.....and....nothing! So everyone counts again. Confused murmers and whispers begin to travel around. Then, a police officer drives by in a car and in a voice I found much too cheerful says "We aren't turning it back on this year...! We aren't turning it on this year....!" And we could hear the joy in his voice. It was as though he also did the count down, eagerly awaiting to be able to give everyone the disappointing news. I asked Masahiro why the officer would wait until after midnight to say it, when he knew everyone had been standing around for an hour before, and we laughed it off because we decided we'd probably do the same thing. It became a running gag with us that continued through out the night and well in to the morning.

Updated my agenda for this month and fixed my budget. While I have a full 2017 yearly goal list, I've decided
five goals I will focus on this month: Write something everyday. On paper. Stop going grocery shopping until I've used everything I already have in my kitchen. I buy too much and it all goes bad before I can use it. Stretch more. I'm too stiff! Clean out my closet and restock it. I still wear too many things in L and M, while I am an S(Japanese) XS(American). Stop hanging out with new guys. It is much easier for me to make male friends. I need to start making friends with, and maintining friendships, with girls.

Good luck to us all!

Happy New Years!!

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