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09 October 2016 @ 09:58 pm
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I disabled comments after getting some...interesting? comments. Go ahead and message me or just send me a request and I will check you out :)

I will keep entries public for 10 days, each (Or every two weeks if I am suddenly swamped!). Then they will be locked. This allows people to get a taste of what I'm like while still giving me a sense of privacy.

Thanks for understanding!


20 May 2019 @ 07:15 pm

I'm back from Ichinoseki. We got back really late yesterday, and I had work early, so I'm a bit worn out but I don't want to take a nap so that I can get back on my regular sleeping schedule. I've been trying to catch up on entries, but if I've missed something important, feel free to let me know in the comments/Private Message me or whatever.

Some entries back, I had mentioned not wanting to go to the wedding because while I had been invited by the bride's mother and Ryu's mother, I worried about how the bride herself would feel. She wasn't rude to me or anything, but she seemed a bit apprehensive around me, but I can't say I fully blame her, as it was only our second ever meeting. We only chatted a couple of times and that was only in the presence of Ryu but from the way she interacted with her family, I'd say shes actually a nice person. The wedding was extremely simple to the point that I thought "Hey, I can do something like this..." despite always having said I didn't want a wedding.

It took place with just a small group of friends and family --there couldn't have been more than 40 of us there -- in a large flower garden on a ranch. The place is so secluded that there are no busses that run up to the area. You need a car or a taxi, with the taxi being extremely expensive (It's 1万4千 one way from the station/roughly 140$ one way). She had no fancy decorations or anything like that. She didn't even hire a photographer, and instead asked friends and family to take pictures and send them to her. The ceremony itself took literally 20 minutes. Honestly, I respected her a lot. For someone marrying in to money, she could have had a big fancy wedding. But she kept the budget small, and spent the majority of it on accomodation to have all her family and friends near, and food. And booooooooy did they spend on food. I gained 1.2kilos (3lbs?) in just these three days. It makes sense though, as that area is known for it's amaaaaaazing food, and a lot of friends were coming from the Tokyo area.

It went like this.
Friday evening: Japanese style 7 course meal.
Saturday morning: 5 course Japanese breakfast
Saturday afternoon: Wedding buffet and main meal(which consisted of 5 separate plates).
Saturday evening: BBQ
Sunday morning: 6 course Japanese breakfast
Sunday afternoon: All you can eat buffet

Ladies and gentlemen, I struggled. But I survived! We did take some time walking around the ranch each day, but as we had kids and it was necessary to move at their pace, it wasn't really enough to consider a workout. It's odd though, that the scale showed a 1.2 kilo increase, while my belt had to be taken in two loops. Anyway, I need to do my best to be just a tad more active than usual this week.

All of the nephews have finally gotten used to me for the most part. Y-kun has remembered my name but still says he doesn't like me because I didn't give him a train-set 10 years ago for christmas...never mind the fact that he's only 3 but hey.... the other nephews haven't remembered my name yet, but play with me like they've known me for ages.

Here are a few photos I took. There will be more later as Ryu's mother sends them to me.

01 May 2019 @ 09:03 pm
★ In an attempt to quit smoking before going to America in December, Ryu traded in his cigarettes for a vape pen. I've only skimmed information regarding vaping, and while there were a lot of mixed opinions, it was mostly stated that vaping is at least 60% safer than smoking, more if nicotine-less vape liquid is used. It's the first real decision he's made on his own without my pushing, in regards to his health, so I'm going to watch quietly for the time being. Three things I've noticed is that he vapes far less than he smoked, his appetite has increased, and his sleeping schedule has changed.

★ In about two weeks, we'll be off to Iwate for Ryu's cousin's wedding. I'd been slightly worried about affording it all, between the shinkansen, the hotel, the gift money, taxi money, and extra spending money, but because the groom is really well off, they've decided to not accept any gift money from anybody, are covering the full costs of the hotel, and transportation once in Iwate. We are only responsible for shinkansen tickets and any extra spending money we might want/need. We went from possibly spending 15万($1,500?) to 4万($400?) plus some spending cash.  We had dinner at his parent's place to celebrate the last day of 平成 and we'll be heading over again on Saturday for a larger family meal.

★ I wasn't aware that feet shrunk also during weight-loss, so the heels I bought for the wedding are a bit too big. I've purchased some inserts for the toe areas and some padding for the heel areas to try and make them fit, but I've shrunk a little over half a size. I didn't notice until a couple of days ago, so it's too late to exchange them :(  But yay for weightloss. Even Ryu's father has pointed it out, so it's definitely coming along, even if I don't entirely feel so.

★ Another girl date in Shinjuku and we celebrated K's birthday. We did our usual cake and tea, プリクラ, and LUSH. This time, I bought a coffee based mask& scrub, and grabbed some free samples of other things. Now that my skin is healthy again, I want to work on removing damage spots. I've been able to stop using powder and foundation a while back, and now just use some BB cream and moisturizer. I want to be able to drop the BB cream as well.

★ After meeting with K, I headed back home, and Ryu and I decided to go out for a bit of window shopping and some lunch. I really need to purchase some JLPT books. I can't decide what series I want to buy but that might just be me trying to put taking the exams off again....but I know I really need to do it. I ran in to an old co-worker and upon hearing that I was still working where I was, they kind of sighed and infront of Ryu said, "It's really pathetic that with all the languages you speak, all the licenses and qualifications you have, you could be doing so much better, but you wont sit in that chair for a few hours and take an exam." I think if she had said it just to me, I'd have shrugged it off, but she did it in front of Ryu, and he kind of nodded in agreement. It stung.

We also swung by the pet shop and took a look at some pups. While there were tons of adorable puppies, watching everyone fawn and play with them made us realize that we still really wanted to rescue a shelter dog instead, so we're going to wait until we come back from America to start.

★ Four days left of Golden Week vacation. We had decided we wanted to try and go somewhere on a "Proper date," but we couldn't decide on any places we actually wanted to go to, so it might end up just being lounging around at home, catching up on shows, sleeps and foods we wanted to eat.
24 March 2019 @ 10:39 am
Yesterday was an exhausting day, a decent reminder that I am no longer young with an endless amount of energy, and no need for recovery time. But this level of exhaustion could also be related to the fact that I was on my feet literally all day, despite having had by brace removed only just the evening before. Anyway, luckily, we have no plans for today, aside from grocery shopping, so I'll be able to just relax with several pots of tea.

I met up with K in Shinjuku for our usual cake and tea-time. We ordered the new seasonal strawberry tart. On it's own, it probably would have been too sweet for me, but the bitterness of my lemoned-tea helped balance it out. Knowing that I had gained 1.5 kilo over the three and a half weeks of no exercise while my knee was braced up, I made sure to drink plenty of water along with my tea, to help fight dreaded water-reteition. Unfortunately for my fast-eating friend, it took me a good hour and a half to finish the entire slice.

There was a moment where I did become slightly...irritated? With our conversation. My English is going to heck. There are a lot of words I simply can't recall anymore and had so many moments where I'd have to describe what I had in mind for her to give me the word. Or I would pronounce English words with the Japanese pronunciation without even blinking an eye. Sometimes, my sentence structure gets out of wack. I knew for a while that my English skill was beginning to deteriorate, as I don't really use it anymore. It's Japanese with friends, or Spanish with my family. But when my friend pointed it out directly and jokingly said "I feel like I'm talking to one of my students," I felt a bit bad about it. I didn't let it ruin the rest of the day, but in the back of my mind , I was just kind of disappointed. It was like she was saying "We're not communicating on the same level."

After that, we did our usual Purikura session in a new machine-- and this machine was amazing! It included a 360 camera on a belt, so that you could move the camera left, right, up, down, upside down, sideways, ect, to get whatever angle you want for your photos. It was so fun, we did it twice.

We swung by the new LUSH, bought some face washes (I bought my first clay based mixture, with seaweed!) and trecked off for wedding dress shopping. I don't want to go in to full detail on how annoying it was, but we spent a good five hours trecking around to different shops trying to find something decent. And we still ended the day empty handed. It wasn't until I came back home to charge my phone, then had Ryu drive me out to another shopping center, that we ended up finding everything I needed.

The entire day, whenever I showed store clerks the dress I had shared with you all before, I got more or less the same reaction, "It seems nice for like a graduation or entrance ceremony, and I guess as a foreigner you could pull it off, but as a Japanese woman, I'd be embarrassed to wear something this simple to a wedding." And this hit back to what I had mentioned in my last post -- that standard, and how many times, foreigners are given slack and while we aren't told anything directly, it doesn't mean it's considered appropriate.

They would guide me and my friend, and then later on, me and Ryu, around the store, narrowing down selections based on a wide range of questions. In the end, we took the hours and hours of advice and explanations and hit the cheaper shops, as I wasn't about to drop 6万円(600?) getting ready for this wedding. We managed to put everything together for 2万5せん円($250?). A dress, shoes, a clutch, necklace, and a stoll.

Ryu is out meeting a friend for drinks and I'm unwinding before climbing in to the futon a little earlier than usual. It's been a long and hectic week, and while my knee is healing, it's a very slow process. Yesterday I had to get up early for work and finished just in time to make it to dinner at Ryu's house. We were there until midnight. Then, I had to get up at around 5am today to wash my hair, clean my room, and video chat with my parents for the first time in ages.

White day was on Thursday and Ryu gave me some amazingly delicious Matcha chocolates that literally melt in my mouth. I've been trying to pace myself and not eat them all in one sitting because the matcha-blend is ホワイトデー限定, which means they were on sale only for white day. I called the makers just in case, and they confirmed that this particular blend isn't sold regularly throughout the year.

After talking with my parents, Ryu and I headed over to さいたま新都心 so I could get some new work-slacks to replace the ones damaged when I got hit by the bicycle. I also ended up picking up a deep green short-length jacket for the spring, as everything I owned up until today was knee length. The jacket I purchased is actually a men's jacket because I couldn't find anything decent in women's, even after 8 stores. Fashion is just so boring now. Ryu, who also wasn't able to find a jacket he was looking for, agreed.

I was able to swing by LUPICIA and finally sign up for the membership. I bought some interesting flavors (Cassis blueberry, Sakura & Berry, Nilgiri original blend, green tea, white sangria tea), they gifted me a tea strainer and I bought Matcha powder. I had posted a rant on facebook about how not being able to work out or dance was driving me crazy and making me restless. An old college classmate messaged me and asked me why I didn't go take up making Japanese green tea again, and pointed out that during college, as wild as I was, I calmed down enough to focus when I was making tea. So, I decided to go for it again for the first time in ages!

But I forgot to buy a Chawan茶碗, Chashaku茶杓 and Chasen茶筅 while I was at the shop. I don't really want to contact Takeshi's mother and ask if she still has my old set, so I'm going to shop around for a new set after I get my next paycheck. Ryu suggested I just check around DAISO for the items until I decide it's something I really want to continue again.

At Ryu's house on Friday, we were talking about my health and injuries, and how I had been told that I really need to be consuming more collagen. I'd been taking some supplements daily, a dose of 2,050mg. But Ryu's mother and her friend got in on what I need to eat (Most foods, I don't like) and if not, to take drinkable collagen over pills. His mom gave me a weeks worth of samples of the collagen she uses. I thanked her for them and told her I would try. Then, she pulls out a massive box and says. "This is the full product I buy. It's about 1万3千円 ($130) but it lasts me three months." Then hands me the whole box and says "Here you go. If you like it, buy the next three months yourself." The date had been written on the box, so I knew immediately there were still 2 months worth of collagen still left. Basically new. I couldn't accept it, but she insisted. Now it's sitting on my desk because I actually feel too guilty to use it.
I'm also feeling weight guilt. At the dinner, everyone kind of ganged up on one of Ryu's brothers about his weight. He's gained 30-some kilos, and can't really fit any of his clothes outside of sweats anymore. They're worried about his health. But they were really viscious about it. Even when he walked away from it to play with his kid, they kept it up and would even tell his son "Tell Papa to lose weight!" In regards to weight, shaming is quite normal in this culture, but it was bad to the point that even I felt guilty about the 10 kilo I still need to lose, and tossed out all my junk food as soon as I got home. Ryu stayed quiet through all of the weight talk, and I'm proud of him for not ganging up on his brother.

We're all supposed to go to a wedding in May, out in Iwate. I'm hoping to lose at least two kilo before we go.