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09 October 2016 @ 09:58 pm
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I disabled comments after getting some...interesting? comments. Go ahead and message me or just send me a request and I will check you out :)

I will keep entries public for 10 days, each (Or every two weeks if I am suddenly swamped!). Then they will be locked. This allows people to get a taste of what I'm like while still giving me a sense of privacy.

Thanks for understanding!


A lot of people are starting to really worry over the weather. We're in to the second week of October and still seeing temperatures similar to our hottest summer days. Looking at photos of the past few years, I was already wearing light sweaters over my tops around this time, but this year, I'm still around in spaghetti strap tops and shorts with sandals. Ryu and I went to one of his nephew's undokai on Saturday and ended up getting massively sunburnt in 32 degree weather.

Ryu's nephew is finally realizing I'm going to be around. After asking Ryu if he was going to come over and play, Ryu said he would next time. Nephew then looked at me and asked "And her?" I just laughed it off (For those who know Japanese, the exact words were これは? which is why I laughed. He doesn't have the vocab for man/woman yet, but made his attempt anyway!). As I've mentioned, I'm not at all bothered by how slow its taking. Kids are kids. When we all actually sat down and discussed it over a meal, everyone was surprised about how "relaxed" I was about it. But it makes sense, doesn't it? Even as adults, we dont like having people forced on us.  Also, last time I wrote about him, I mentioned he had told me to "Go away" and that I was happy he had even spoken to me. Well, it seems thats just his new phrase! Not just towards me, but everyone. He was telling everyone left and right on Saturday to "あっち行って!" Not even his favorite grandma is safe from it's wrath.

I've been feeling a bit irrate towards some of my co-workers, for different reasons, but most of them revolve around language. When I first started working here, everyone was really great about at least trying to talk in English, claiming they wanted to improve. Yet as more time went by, the more comfortable they got with the fact that I speak Japanese and they rarely use English anymore. So now I'm put in a position where I have to use more and more Japanese, because they know I can, and it gives them the confidence to ask me personal things I don't really want them diving in to. Language was my protective barrier and its slipping. With my favorite co-worker, I'm having the opposite problem! She tries to use English as much as possible, but it's not really improving, so now she just sounds rude for her age, or I can't understand what she's trying to convey. She's expressed before how she dislikes it when the other foreign staff use Japanese with her because it makes her feel like they just want to practice for themselves, so I don't want to use Japanese myself with her..... And then one of my superiors has no real concept of personal space and has gotten in to the habit of when searching for files (My desk is infront of the big shelf with all the files) simply opening them at the corner of my desk to check if it's what she needs before taking it back to her own desk. I just feel cramped. I have a cup with pens and supplies and such they feel they can use freely and not put back. I find things with my name on them all around the office. It's just.... again, that level of comfort now that the language barrier I used to rely on has dropped.

So I'm trying to get back in to walking in the evenings. I used to love running for stress relief but my late hours don't really allow for long distance running, and the street-lights don't really allow for a steady running pace (In one km, I had to wait on 11 street lights!). Not to mention, my knees are still out of whack. So I've decided to start by just power walking 5,000 steps a night. That's roughly 30-45 minutes before bed. I thought about going in the mornings, but that doesn't really help, as I don't feel stressed until AFTER work, and I already walk 5,000 in the morning just getting to work.
Ryu said he'd pick up a few more evening chores so that I would have time to go once I got home from work, since I picked up more on weekends so he could play Devil May Cry. Let's see how it goes.
I discovered a cavity on the left side of my mouth. I brush twice a day so I have no idea how that happened, but it hurts a heck of a lot, so I've immediately scheduled an appointment for this afternoon once I get off work. It could be me just being over-dramatic, but as soon as I wrote the appointment down in my schedule book, I took a glance at October and just felt so...exhausted. I absolutely hate going to the dentist, more than I hate going to get pelvic exams...which I need to get done this month also.

More than likely, I will ask Ryu if we can celebrate my birthday the first weekend of November instead of on the 28th, to give me time to rest up. I don't have anywhere I really want to go to right away anyway. Besides, we celebrated Ryu's birthday the weekend after as well.

The gift I had planned on getting myself -- a keratin straightening -- is out the window for now. I can't afford it with this dentist visit. Yes, I could give it to myself at home, but the fun of it is getting pampered at the salon and having deep discussions with my hairdresser.

Last night I took some time to organize my Autumn and fall shoes and outer wear. The mornings are chilly enough to need an outer garment, but the afternoons are hot, so I've decided against rotating my entire wardrobe for now. Lunch, I treated myself to the new Pumpkin Milk Frap from starbucks along with their pumpkin pie. Seems counter-productive with a doctors appointment this afternoon....but it was delicious. They gave me some kind of wrist band to go with it, part of their Autumn fest drinks or something. I don't wear them, so I'll more than likely send it back to my nieces to toy with.
And for the time being, I've sworn off heavy sweets. It's not even diet related. I'm just So irritated about this cavity. I put so much effort in to making sure I don't get them and yet...here we go. I'm regretting these expensive tooth brushes and mouth washes. Ryu washes once a day. ONCE! In the mornings (A habit I'm trying to change) and his teeth are in perfect condition, save for a gap in his two front teeth.

How is that fair?

And on a last note, it seems someone has hacked in to my American bank account and has been using it. Yay for that.

It is so cold this evening that I actually took the time to dig up my old laptop so that I could write from beneath the covers. Goodness, Id forgotten how slow this thing was! And the keys.... I have to literally slam them to get anything typed, and forget about backspacing anything. I might as well be on a typewritter!

Anyway....As soon as I gave Ryu his gift, he locked himself in his room for a jam-session and I was dead to him. I exercised for two hours, took a shower, washed my hair (and let it air dry!), gave myself a full body shave, soaked in a hot bath, had two cups of tea, caught up on the Kavanaugh case, cleaned my room, did the dishes, and then went to bed. He was still playing when I turned out the lights and have no idea until what time he played.

We were supposed to hit up Tokyo Dome City to celebrate but the rain ruined those plans. We want to try and go next Saturday, but the forecast says rain as well. It's like it's been raining every weekend for the past three months. We ended up going to an onsen near our house. We were surprised it was in the top fifteen of Onsen in Saitama to visit, because of it's beautiful rotenburos or "Out door baths."  I only have three pictures, taken outside (Hence the shine -- it was night, so we sat beneath a street light) since there were signs everywhere about using your mobile phone, which made me nervous to even try and take anything once inside the building... But next time I might take some shots. People were using their phones everywhere regardless! One girl was even using her phone right beneath one of the signs in the girls locker room, where we run around naked. 

Without a doubt, the place was beautiful to look at. I felt like I could have slipped back in time....had it not been for all the children running around unsupervised. I even had a bit of a spat with a woman who got irritated at me for telling her kid to be careful, after having run in to me literally four times, and causing me to slip on the fourth. She tried to play on my being foreign, saying "I dont know how they do it in your country, but here, we take our children out to teach them how to behave in public." I told her that we do the same in my country, only the parents actually parent their kids in public because if no one tells them no, they wont learn. Another woman jumped in for me and pointed out to the mother that it was really all a safety hazard to the child, and the mother shut up quick. When I told Ryu about it, he told me it was common for moms to let kids do what they want for the most part, when they are young because they're going to get slammed once they get older and hit kinder. I was aware of this. But I don't play that!

Ryu was also a bit disappointed with the food. He ordered a Maguro bowl which was amazingly small. I ended up giving him half of my chicken meal and all my rice.

Overall, we both agreed that the place was a great tourist spot -- awesome for people who want to experience the traditional type of onsen without breaking the bank or going out in to the middle-of-no-where. But it's not really a place to go every weekend to relax. We prefer Spa Herbs near the shopping district and will more than likely stick to that place from now on.

Once we got back from the Onsen, Ryu made plans to meet up with his friend at the studio to show off his new guitar equiptment and to have a small jam session. It always amuses me how he's never made a single reservation for any of our dates, but will make one without fail for him and his friends. He'll more than likely get back home at around 3AM, so I'm not going to wait for him. He went by car and he's not about the whole drinking and driving, so I know he'll be okay getting home. I want to get some sleep and wake up early for Yoga and to start switching out my wardrobe to the fall and winter wear. I'm only hoping that it's actually fall now, and it's not just all this rain.....

20 September 2018 @ 06:54 am
Got up early to make Ryu's bento, so I have a bit of time to toss out an update.
Things have been...a storm. I already wrote about the rough week because of the typhoon and trains, but that was accompanied by the discovery of a major problem in my neck and shoulders that was causing me to basically black out 97% on the trains in the morning, and a pregnancy scare. But the pregnancy scare was caused by the treatment of the issue that was found, and I'm taking medications for the problem, so things are okay for the most part, but I have to take it a bit slower than usual and breath deeper than I usually do.
SIDE NOTE TO SELF: Avoid the hospital in Kawagoe. This is the second time I go there, obviously sick, and they find nothing(It's the same hospital I went to last year when my stomach issue got severe and they just gave me kidney stone medicine, but another hospital found I had infected water floating around my stomach. The doctor this time was so focused on my shaking that he ignored the other symptoms, so when my CT scan showed clear, he said I was okay. At the other hospital, they found that the shaking was a symptom, not the cause, and fixed it.)

Our anniversary fell in the middle of that mess, so we couldn't really go out to eat. We simply ordered expensive sushi and ate at home. We usually only eat sushi at the 100円 kaiten-sushi shops, so that probably made what we ordered seem so much more delicious.
Over the weekend, we went to Shibuya. I used to go several times a week and dance it up all night as a university student, but haven't been since the number of perverts increased. It's been close to a decade, I believe. Ryu isn't a fan either, but the shop we needed to get Ryu's birthday present from is located only in Shibuya.

Everything was so noisy, celebrating Namie's farewell from the music industry. I listen to her music, but I'm not a huge fan. I get that it's sad for so many people, but they're making it seem like she died or something. She's still going to be around and working on projects here and there, and whose to say she wont come back at some point with a random track? I know I sound bitter, but I've gotten sick of seeing her everywhere and seeing her everywhere for the past two weeks.
The restaurant we ate at was very...trippy. It didn't really have a name and the decor was african-ish? It was run by an older Japanese lady and a middle-aged foreigner. We assumed that beacuse the place looked simple, the cooking would be great. But it was not. Ryu's lamb steak looked like chicken nuggets, and were quite rubbery. The salad had no dressing and the rice was hard. My steak sandwhich had no flavor and the meat was hard and greasy. It fell apart the minute I picked it up. Ryu was scared to complain because it was the foreigner handling us (We were the only guests, by the way) and I told him I'd do it, but he simply decided to leave half way through and not even finish our meal, which is rare for him. Then we were in that odd spot where your stomach isnt empty but you still feel hungry...and Ryu was so grumpy.

We went home as soon as we purchased his gift -- a soud box for his guitar. He sat for a good 45 minutes in the shop toying around with the different boxes and amps until he found the right one. I wish I still had something I was that passionate about.

The next day, we went to the local mall because I needed a new backpack for work. I'd been using the same one my father had given me, for ten years now, but the bottom has finally gotten to the point of non-repair. I decided to invest in an actual running bag that cost me 5,000円 ($50 ish?) with proper straps to keep my bag from jumping around when I run. We also grabbed soft cream. Ryu got regular chocolate-vanilla swirl, but I got Pumpkin with actual bits of pumpkin!